Tourist Arrivals: In Numbers

Beyond these broad observations regarding the tourism industry, lay statistics that provide an insight into the state of the tourism sector. As the above figure shows, the total number of non-resident arrivals fluctuates from month-to-month. As anticipated most tourists come to the U.S. during the summer—specifically July and August. Interestingly, the least number of arrivals occur in February, following the winter holidays.

Total International Arrivals (Trends:1999-2014)

As demonstrated by the figure above, total international arrivals have increased between 1999-2014. The year 2014 marks the highest number of tourist arrivals yet. Fluctuations in overall arrivals can be observed in two points: 2001, following the attacks of September 11 and 2008, following the Great Economic recession. In both of those cases, the total number of international arrivals decreased for 1-3 years before picking up again.

Top-5 Months Tourists Visited the U.S. (2014)